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Project Management & Sustainable Development Consultants

Welcome to Permaculture2012
There is still time to act, but no time to waste.
Humanity is on the cusp of deciding its future. There are only a few years left to make the necessary changes towards a sustainable future. Humanity currently uses 1,5 times the carrying capacity of the Earth, which is eroding the future capacity of the Earth to sustain Humanity. Furthermore, at current rates of unsustainable development, the resources of two planet Earths will be required to sustain the projected 9 billion population in 2040. 
This is clearly unsustainable, and yet, Humanity is uncompromising on pursuing economic growth as a way of life for all.  Fortunately, Humanity can still decide its fate. Unfortunately, if Humanity does not radically reduce its ecological footprint to within its biocapacity, the Earth will decide the fate of Humanity. And the Earth will survive, as it always has, but not Humanity, which has to deal with the two greatest challenges it has ever faced, namely, Climate Change and Peak Oil. 
Permaculture2012 not only means a permanent and thus sustainable culture or society, but also the window of opportunity leading up to the much hyped date of 2012 to make the necessary paradigm shift to embed sustainability into the mainstream.
The window of opportunity for Humanity is closing rapidly, and solutions for sustainability are widely debated. To this end, Permaculture mimics the Earth’s ecosystems to create permanent agriculture, from which, a permanent culture can be sustained. And it is this destiny to co-create with nature that Humanity was originally born.  But, Humanity can only change when it realizes its demise, and when it does, the sustainable solutions of Permaculture can be applied. 


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